• Mini soccer information

    Do you think you like football, are you born in either 2013 or 2014 and are you a boy or a girl, then come and join us and play some football at Graaf Willem II-VAC on Sunday mornings between 09.45am till 10.45 am. Great atmosphere, togetherness and equality are the keywords of mini-football and of course fun, lots of fun, every Sunday!


    General info
    Graaf Willem II-VAC is a football club with its own clear character, where friendliness and sportsmanship are combined, where values and standards are upheld and having fun is paramount. Graaf Willem is one of the largest football clubs in The Hague and Wassenaar with over 70 youth teams. In order to steer our youth members in the right direction we have set up a professional organization which includes many volunteers. Children here learn what it is like to be part of a group and a club but in a fun way, which also applies to parents who are going through this experience for the first time.


    Mini Football in the practice
    In the 2019-2020 seasons, girls and boys born in 2013 and 2014 are very welcome. The children are, according to their age, divided into groups of 10 to 12 children and are supervised either by enthusiastic parents or older youth members of the club. Children differ greatly. Where one will run enthusiastically onto the field for the first time, another will need a little more time for that, and you will get that time, as your child is able to come and try-out a few times to see if he/she likes it. We advise parents, when your little one really doesn't feel like it and therefore doesn't have fun, to maybe wait half a year or a year.


    Depending on the amount of children that join us, sometimes we use the grass pitches as well as the artificial grass ones. It is possible that due to weather conditions these pitches are unplayable; in that case we only use the artificial grass. Sometimes the weather is so bad that we decide to cancel the mini football. If in doubt, consult the website. On the homepage, on the top right, there is a box entitled “de Rogge Online” and as of 9am it will tell you if the training goes ahead or not. During the mini training everyone has a ball from the club. The Graaf Willem football kit is not compulsory, but most children think it is cool to wear a real outfit.

    Additional information

    When you become a member there is a required contribution. The cost is € 150,00 per season. This includes around 40 Sundays including free juice. Registration is possible via the registration form on this site. Parents are required to assist occasionally behind the bar and to help getting the juice ready. The mini football has been under the inspiring leadership of Gerard for years. For questions you can contact him on mobile number 06 20 96 10 10.Due to the enormous increase in youth members in recent years, there are a limited number of places.
    The Youth Committee


    New mini teams


    Kroontje Julius M 1 Siebe
    Laumans Tristan M 1  
    Haan Alexander de M 1  
    Flore Simon M 1  
    Korijn Eliot M 1  
    Bouwland Federico M 1  
    Gnjec Sebastian M 1  
    IJzenbrandt Verner M 1  
    Berg Hugo van den M 1  
    Horst Charlie ter V 2 Rob
    Eilers Mirte V 2  
    Vos Birger M 2  
    Franken Floris M 2  
    Meijer Joppe M 2  
    Holl Olaf M 2  
    Slingerland Max (kenzo) M 2  
    Kruik Sky M 2  
    Ibrahim Julian M 2  
    Ierland Pelle van M 3 Geert
    Smeitz Benjamin M 3  
    Riesen Nora van V 3  
    Sophia Cerda Salsman V 6-5-2013    
    Tjondronegoro Romijn M 3  
    Pier Braber M 3  
    Zoulfoukaridis Lucas M 3  
    Vervelde Mick M 3  
    Boersma Eise M 4 Fiek
    Cuirrier James M 4  
    Hendricks Thom M 4  
    Martin Anton M 4  
    O'Neill Noam M 4  
    Bijvanck Matteo M 4  
    Hakim Sebastian M 4  
    Pronk Liam M 4  
    Wauters Tiago M 5 Richard
    Horst Teun ter M 5  
    Faas Dorus M 5  
    Reeuwijk Benjamin van M 5  
    Verbaan Lize V 5  
    Straatman Sam M 5  
    Brouwer Ivar M 5  
    Gordijn Matisse M 5  
    Seravalli Carlo M 5  
    Schuering Tom M 6 Vincent
    Yagoubi Arman Milan M 6  
    Vreede Isa Belle De V 6  
    Kleef Jurre van M 6  
    Teulings Pepijn M 6  
    Rak Anthony M 6  
    Braun Hugo M 6  
    Mwiinga Oliver-Ximon M 7 Stephan
    Oedayrajsingh Varma Siddharth M 7  
    Vreugdenhil Quinten M 7  
    Linden Mauk van der M 7  
    Reeuwijk Sebastian van M 7  
    Mulders Sjors M 7  
    Lamsweerde Reinald Van M 7  
    Donners Ties M 8 Michiel
    Zeeuw Roqi de V 8  
    Odu Morade M 8  
    Vroom Tom de M 8  
    Romondt Philippe van M 8  
    Vastenburg Nadine V 8  
    Verhoeven Bink M 8  
    Lier Joost Van M 9 Irene
    Aalst Floris van M 9  
    Bikkers Max M 9  
    Nobre Correia Ivo M 9  
    Heydendael Cees M 9  
    Rutges Oliver M 9